Being an observant Jew at a secular university can seem challenging and limiting, but it doesn’t have to be: When choosing which college to attend, picking a campus with OU-JLIC will enhance your Jewish life as part of your college experience, not hamper it. The OU’s Seif Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus makes it easier for Jewish students to observe key aspects of Jewish life, such as kashrut, chagim and Shabbat. Our OU-JLIC educators serve as Torah educators within secular universities in North America, coordinating shiurim and classes, guest lectures, and other events. OU-JLIC educators frequently have students as guests at their Shabbat tables, interact with them in informal settings and learn with them b’chavruta. Your OU-JLIC educators will help you balance your Jewish life and provide avenues for spiritual development while being on a secular college campus!

Israel Free Spirit: Birthright Israel

Israel Free Spirit: Birthright Israel is the highest rated Birthright trip by participants. Discover the stunning sights, immersive tours, and thrilling activities while experiencing the beauty of Judaism, Israel, and its unique culture. There’s no better time to go and learn about yourself and your past than right after high school when you can meet other students from the college you plan to attend without concern for internships, jobs or extra classes during college breaks. If you are first planning a year in Israel, prepare beforehand by familiarizing yourself with the language, culture, and land.

Heart To Heart

Most Jews on your campus probably won’t be Jewishly involved, and Heart to Heart believes you should have the unique opportunity to share the beauty of Jewish life. Heart to Heart provides funding, training, and inspiration to run Shabbat meals and engage your peers in Jewish life, as Shabbat is best-shared with others. Heart to Heart connects you to a nationwide network of students.

KAHAL Fellow

If you’re at a college with a small or non-existent religious community, the Kahal Fellowship wants to help you build a more vibrant Jewish campus life by providing you with leadership training, Shabbatons, grants, mentorship, resources, and a community of peers.

NCSY Alumni

If you loved your NCSY experience and want more,or want to get involved in inspiring and connecting high school teens like you to their Jewish roots, NCSY Alumni connects you to authentic Jewish programs on and off college campuses, and trains and places NCSY advisors throughout the country. The opportunity to be an advisor allows alumni to make an impact and give back to an organization from which they gained so much.